The department of painting, appropriate to our day’s interdisciplinary features aims to bring up artists who have the knowledge and ability to use the disciplines together. To make this purpose to come true, this department prepares an environment to the students to perceive the typical theoretical and practical problems and commenting on them with their own approach and producing concept and work of art. The programme’s educational focus is directed to meeting the technical ability and artistic creativity. In spite of this, the department’s education programmes are designed at professional level, aiming at giving an art formation according to the students’ expectations. In here the purpose is, to give the students art culture and art formation; in artistic creativity, it is to perceive and to develop creativity of what sort of reasons, to what kind of impacts and at which levels, causes with what kind of tools.

The department of painting started to its life in 2006-2007 instruction and education year with 15 students. In the department still, post-graduate and Proficiency in Art programmes are also conducted.